Friday, 3 June 2016


Last Friday, we took to the water to spend the day cruising the Thunersee and to take a look at Interlaken at one end of the lake and the city of Thun at the other. As we steamed away from Spiez, we got some lovely views of the town.
A bit further on and the mountain known as Stockhorn came into view. At 7,190ft, it is not as imposing as Niesen, but still quite impressive.
It was certainly a beautiful day to be out on the water.
Stockhorn has a distinctive northern side which appears to stick up from the rest of the mountain like a vertical finger of rock and from the lake, we got a great view of this feature.
On the way to Interlaken, we passed the caves of St. Beatus. Here, the cave buildings cling to the side of the hill while a river pours down the cliffs into the lake.
There is a road which runs around the lake, called the Seestrasse and in parts, where there isn't enough flat ground on which to construct the road, it is built out over the side on artificial supports and from the water, looks frightening.
Then it was on to Interlaken which took us from the lake and up a canal into the town itself.
From the wide open spaces of the lake, we were suddenly enclosed in greenery as we neared the town and the first stop-off on our trip.
Tomorrow, Interlaken,more of the Thunersee and the city of Thun itself....
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