Saturday, 11 June 2016

Colour on a Grey Day

Today dawned dull, misty, very muggy and raining and although things have cheered up a bit since then, it's still not conducive to a good walk in the countryside. So with that in mind, I thought I would brighten things up with some recent pictures of the colour to be found on Shipley Hill at the moment. First off are the Rhododendrons. This one is the archetypal Rhododendron ponticum.
These variously purple Rhododendrons grow to be large shrubs and in a few places they make a great 'mound' of colour.
Close by, there are some fantastically vibrant Azaleas, flowering in the shrubbery borders.
The mixture of bright yellow and orange blooms together, make a startling combination when the sun shines on them.
And the scent which reaches the nostrils while taking pictures, is sweet and heady.
Looking back again at the purple Rhododendrons, what a fantastic splash of colour!
There! That's brightened the day up a bit!
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