Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Fields of Gold

Back home, the countryside around these parts, is in full flower. Without a doubt, the best display of colourful flowers comes from the fields of golden Buttercups.
Walking through this particular field of gold, you can't help wondering how many individual Buttercup flowers goes to make such a spectacle.
Getting a broad view is quite breathtaking, but it's always good to get a lower, closer insect's-eye view.
Continuing the golden theme, there is a Broom bush growing nearby. The bright yellow flowers are spotted and marked with red making a great display.
Lastly for today's golden theme, the Yellow Flag Iris are looking good now too.
Flowering all along the edges of the reservoirs and canals, these beautiful flowers are made up of three large and spreading pendent or 'fall' petals and three smaller, erect 'standard' petals.
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