Thursday, 23 June 2016

Bee Orchids

Thankfully, we have avoided the terrible storms which have battered the south east over night, but it remains humid, sticky and unpleasant (for me anyway). So to make things feel a bit better I thought we'd have a couple of pictures of the wonderful little Bee Orchids which are flowering bravely at the moment.
It's usually tricky to spot them growing among the grasses, vetches and clovers, but this year, all of the Bee Orchids' neighbours seem to be much taller than normal, making spotting them even more difficult. But once you get your eye in, the rewards are well worth it.
Walking around Shipley Hill and the surrounding countryside yesterday, we were delighted to come across a large number of Meadow Cranesbill plants struggling to be seen among the grasses.
Such a vivid blue colour is not common in the British countryside, making them all the more special when you do find them. All these flowers at least seem to be enjoying the humid weather - more than me anyway!
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