Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Rats and Bells

Back home and it has been back to our normal walks around Shipley Park and the lakes of Straw's Bridge. It was at 'Swan Lake' a few days ago, that we stood admiring the ducks, geese and swans as usual, when our attention was caught by a charming little rat, picking up the scraps of uneaten bread.
The Brown or Common Rat (Rattus norvegicus) is found almost all over the world and is very common in the UK, mostly thanks to our sloppy habits and inability to dispose of our rubbish properly.
Often reviled by humans, they are nevertheless beautiful and extremely clever creatures.
Moving on from rats, the Bluebells are looking at their best at the moment.
They are everywhere...
All over Shipley Hill...
...and down the other side.
Round the Western side of the hill, they are like a carpet of blue with a nice outlook across the surrounding fields.
Can't get enough of them.
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