Friday, 20 May 2016


In the deep shade, by the Nutbrook Trail where once railway lines crossed and re-crossed the canal and the brook, the casual walker can find a lovely patch of Bugle (Ajuga reptans).
This fabulous little blue flower is a member of the Mint family, closely related to the Deadnettles which also grow nearby. Used in times past as a means to stem bleeding, it became popular with craftsmen of all kinds, but especially woodworkers. Hence it has acquired the common name of 'Carpenter's Herb'. It is also popular with many kinds of butterfly including most of the 'Blues', Speckled Woods and Skippers. Popular too, with Bumble Bees as this picture reveals.
Also popular with Bees are Berberis bushes which are in full bloom on Shipley Hill.
Despite the woody nature, prickly leaves and flower shape, they are actually closely related to Buttercups, but whatever their familial connections, they are quite beautiful.
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