Thursday, 31 December 2015

Look Back 4

For the last of our troll through the past year, we fall upon October and the onset of Autumn. The weather had started to take a turn for the worse and rain stopped play on several occasions. All that dampness proved perfect for toadstools to appear.
The colours of autumn were fantastic this year - something of a surprise given the otherwise poor weather of summer.
 Across Mapperley reservoir, the reflections were delightful on those rare occasions when the sun shone.
 October also saw the final flight of the last remaining, flying Vulcan bomber.
On to November and the weather continued to be dull and cloudy.
At Straw's Bridge, a couple of exotic visitors caused a little excitement. Egyptian Geese are always worth getting excited about.
The beginning of December saw Malcolm and I making a short visit to York. The city was already starting to suffer from the flooding which has only got worse during December.
The main reason for our visit was to have a look at the Christmas market and get a bit of festive cheer, something which was in abundance in the bustling streets of York.
So, here we are again at the end of another year and looking forward to 2016. Lets hope it turns out to be a good one.

As always, a Happy New Year to all who deserve it.
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