Tuesday, 8 December 2015


Back to York and a bit more on the flooding thereof. Yesterday morning, before we left for home, we took the chance to have a rather quieter walk around the city, starting off at Cafe Nero for a Cappuccino and Apricot Croissant - yummy!  Breakfast had, we set off for a look at the river and Clifford's Tower. Looking over the Tower Street Bridge, it was clear that the water level had risen further during the night and as I hadn't taken my camera out with me, Malcolm took a few pictures with his phone.
Flood water had inundated the small park to quite a depth, but it did make for some nice reflections of Clifford's Tower. The tower stands where the original, wooden Castle was built on its mound. It burned down following a siege in 1190. Some 150 Jews were besieged in the tower by a mob before committing mass suicide. The present tower was built in the 13th century and has been used as a treasury and a prison during its history. It has stood derelict since the 17th century and has no doubt seen many floods during that time.
The smart, modern riverside properties were looking very vulnerable as their car parking facilities were well under water. It was to be hoped that the residents had managed to remove their vehicles to rather drier places before the water rose.

Yet more to come tomorrow including the Minster and the Christmas market....
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