Monday, 16 December 2013


It has been unseasonably mild these last few days.  Night time temperatures have been higher than we might expect in the daytime and the blustery winds have continued to blow from the south-west.  all good for the heating bills, but the cloudy skies which go with it, have not been good for taking pictures.  This time last year, things were very different, with temperatures plummeting and frost covering everything.
Rose hips - which this morning were covered in drops of water - were decorated with a frosty coating.
Three years ago, thing were even worse.  Snow was falling on this day in 2010 and it gave us the strange view of a Grey Heron standing on a rooftop the poor bird was probably confused by the blizzard conditions.
What a difference!  It's nice to have a look back every now and then if only to remind us how much better things are at the moment...and how much worse things could be!
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