Thursday, 5 December 2013


More from our walk yesterday and a couple more views across the open parkland, both from the vantage point of the new viewing platform mentioned in yesterday's post. The first of these looks out, over the grassy fields and golden, autumnal trees, over the rooftops of Shipley View estate and up to Ilkeston town centre built on top of the hill.  The two churches of St. Mary's (the square towered church on the left) and the pointed steeple of the United Reformed church, stand out above all the other buildings.
Turning slightly to the south, the horizon is dominated by the great hulk which is the power station at Ratcliffe-on-Soar.  On a cold winter's day, the cooling towers are pumping out steam and the tall chimney to the left is belching smoke from its coal and wood burning furnaces.  From here, it doesn't look as far away as it actually is - nine miles!
On our way home, we stopped off to look at the two young pigs which have only recently taken up residence on a nearby smallholding.  usually, they are to be found rootling around in the mud and searching for things to eat.  but yesterday, they were huddled together in their hut, snuggled down in the straw and probably dreaming of acorns.
Hurry on, before Malcolm starts talking about bacon!
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