Friday, 6 December 2013


Following the storm, which battered large parts of Britain yesterday, we ventured out to see what - if any - damage had been caused.  Looking out of the window yesterday, it was clear from the amount of things blowing around in the wind, that we were safer staying indoors.  This morning's walk confirmed that theory.  Everywhere, twigs, branches and trees, lay scattered across the paths and some were doing their best to block the Nutbrook canal.
The Willows seemed to have taken the worst of the battering.  Not only the largest, old trees were affected, many smaller trees, which seemed to have been fairly well sheltered by other trees, took a hammering.
As we walked through Pewit Carr, our way was blocked by a larger willow, which had succumbed to the onslaught and taken a good quantity of surrounding earth with it as it fell.
Quite a lot of clearing up to be done - but those with log burners should be happy!
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