Sunday, 16 November 2008

Quick walk

The weather hasn't been brilliant over the past couple of days and although we have been out and about walking, it has been so dull I havn't taken any pictures. Today however, has been very nice so we had a quick walk this afternoon just as the sun was beginning to go down. We don't like going far at the weekends because everywhere seems so busy with other people, so we just walked down to what is called the Manner Floods - and what Malcolm refers to as the Bog-Wash! There were some good reflections in the late afternoon sun but it was beginning to get rather cold.So as the tufted ducks, coots, swans and gulls started to get ready for bed, we headed for home and a hot cup of tea. Just time for a quick snap of this Alder tree sprouting 'catkins' ready for next springs early growth - how the years fly by......we must be getting old!
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