Thursday, 21 November 2013


The weather forecast for this morning was good, with the promise of blue skies and occasional cloud.  So of course, we set out for a walk and it wasn't long before we were being stung in the face by sleety-rain and a biting wind.  But never mind, we carried on and took in the delights of Pewit Carr local nature reserve as part of our walk.  Before getting to the Carr, we passed around 'Swan Lake', but it has to be said, it should have been renamed 'Goose' Lake today as around seventy Canada Geese were making their presence felt.
Soon after I took the picture above, the majority of the geese took off and flew the few yards across to the other side of the main road and farmer's field with good, green grass to graze upon.  On to Pewit Carr and some shelter under the trees.
This footpath was once the track of a local mineral railway line - as so many seem to be around these parts - but the tracks have long-since gone, to be replaced at this time of year, by a carpet of gloriously-coloured, fallen leaves.  It seems a shame to walk on such loveliness.
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