Monday, 18 November 2013

Round the Lake

Things didn't look good this morning.  We set out for a walk with little hope of staying dry, as the clouds threatened rain.  As a result, the light was not good for taking photographs.  Despite the poor light, some autumnal colour was still bright enough to shine out of the gloom.  Firstly, a rather fine Cotoneaster bush reddening as November marches on.
Plenty of berries there for any over-wintering birds which chose these parts to sit out the worst of the weather to come.  The forecast is for much colder weather during the rest of the week and the winds turning round to the north-east will help those birds coming in from northern Europe.  Further round Shipley Lake and we cut our walk a little shorter than normal, still expecting to be rained-on at any moment.  Climbing the hill and looking back, the woods surrounding the lake are still looking good, even in the gloom.
Maybe we will have some snow over the next few days - that should change the scene!
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