Monday, 9 September 2013

An Angle

Looking at the Fuchsia bush in our back garden, revealed several of the leaves have been nibbled by something.  Closer inspection showed the culprit.  Dozens of small, green caterpillars munching their way through the tender new shoots.  Turns out, they are the larvae of the Angle Shades moth (Phlogophora meticulosa).  A common Noctuid moth of Europe, I left them to get on with their fine dining.
Speaking of fine dining, there are a couple of large areas of countryside around Shipley Park which have been turned into fine dining for the birds.  The Derbyshire Wildlife Trust have created some wonderful birdseed meadows to provide our feathered friends with food for the winter.
All sorts of seed-bearing plants have been grown, including sunflowers, quinoa, corn marigold, thistles and many others.  As well as providing the seeds, these delightful meadows will give cover for the birds and plenty of colour for the rest of us.
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