Tuesday, 17 September 2013


Situated just inside the portico of the museum I mentioned yesterday, stands an imposing statue of the Archangel Gabriel.  This wooden statue once adorned the main door of the cathedral before the reforms following damage to the building during the Spanish civil war.
By the side of the cathedral, stands a tall, narrow building with a plaque stating its usage. It is an ancient, baker's house and closer inspection revealed the original ovens built into the walls of the interior.
If there is one thing the Spanish do well, it's their public spaces.  Nearly always well looked after and usually with some form of water feature.  Ciutadella was no exception.
Fine municipal buildings flanked the square while the sound of the water splashed above the noise from traffic.
This edifice housed among other things, the offices of the local Police.
By now, it was time to start our long walk back to the apartment - if we could just find our way out of the town...!
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