Monday, 2 September 2013


Having spent lots of time lately, in the acquisition of Blackberries, it was nice to have a more 'normal' walk this morning.  It was equally good to see that the hedgerows are not only filled with blackberries, but also with many other ripening fruits.  To start with, the bright, red, juicy and rather tempting-looking Guelder-rose berries (Viburnum opulus).
Despite their appealing look, the fruits - not actually berries, but 'drupes' - are in fact rather poisonous, but are loved by birds.
Around the lakes of Straw's Bridge, the wild and shrub roses are also in fruit and the hips are beginning to ripen into red, shiny jewels.  The Dog Roses have elliptical hips.
While the Shrub roses have much larger, rounder and at the moment, much more red hips.
Another member of the rose family, although a much larger and impressive tree, the Hawthorn (Crataegus monogyna) trees are in full fruit too.  Another favourite with the birds, they provide sustenance for our feathered friends all through the Winter.
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