Friday, 12 October 2012


A walk of about two miles, took us to the old, walled town of Alcudia.  The approach to the town, took us past the remains of the Roman town of Pol Lentia - later to be repositioned and known as Pollenca.
The Romans took control of the island in 123 B.C. and there have been invasions by Vandals and Moors as well as Pirates and, in later times, tourists.  The town itself was impressively fortified with walls and gates.
The name Alcudia means 'on the hill' in Arabic and was the site of a Moorish farmstead.  This was seized by King Jaume I in 1229 and the town was developed by Jaume II in 1298 with the building of a church, graveyard and Priest's House.  The walls were begun at about this time too.
The gate houses remain impressive to this day, even though the walls have not lasted quite so well, with gaps in various places.
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