Tuesday, 16 October 2012


On the way to the old town of Alcudia, we took a detour towards the leisure port called - strangely enough - Port d'Alcudia.
A bustling resort and worth a visit to look at all the fancy yachts and other leisure craft on display in the marina.  Some seemed to be the size of small ocean-going liners, proving that despite the global recession, there's still some money about!  These were more modest in size...
The waters of the marina were alive with fish of all sorts and sizes and the ever-present Harbour Mullet were well worth a picture.
 Around the area, some posh hotels and sailing clubs were interspersed with old Olive trees, shady court yards and a feeling of opulence which we rather enjoyed!
Time to get our feet back on the ground, return to reality and start our hot and sweaty walk back to the hotel.
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