Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Shipley Hill

Treated to a much better day, we made the best of the good weather to have a longer walk this morning.  Off round Shipley Lake, down through the woods to Osborne's Pond and then on up Shipley Hill.  The sunshine was beautiful as it highlighted the fresh, young leaves bursting on the hillside trees.  We passed the Derby Lodge to the left and headed through the trees around the top of the hill ignoring the 'Tea Room Open' sign.
In the back garden of the Lodge, a couple of Azaleas were flowering brightly above the bluebells and made a colourful accompaniment to anyone having a coffee in the sunshine.
Further on, a Rhododendron added more colour to the path-side.  They always make a wonderful show at this time of year and viewed close up, they reveal all their markings, usually lost to the casual observer.
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