Friday, 25 May 2012


Our walk this morning, took us up Shipley Hill to the site of the Old Hall.  We descended the other side before returning around the bottom of the hill and crossing the wonderful meadow.
The grassland here is really something to see.  Standing un-mown, the grasses are about two feet high and dotted with Buttercups, Dandelions, Common Vetch, Sorrel and a host of other wild flowers.  Getting down to the grass level, you get a great view through it all.
Flowers of all shapes and sizes dot the undergrowth, but few are as odd-looking as those belonging to the Ribbed or Ribwort Plantain (Plantago lanceolata).
Most of the Dandelions have now ceased flowering and are spreading huge numbers of seed from their 'clocks' in the breeze.  We have watched many birds in recent days, feeding from these clocks and at first sight it looks like they're not getting much of a meal.  But, if you get a closer look, you find that there is actually quite a lot of seed to be eaten especially if you are a Sparrow or Goldfinch.
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