Thursday, 31 May 2012


Malcolm and I took ourselves around the lakes of Straw's Bridge this morning.  With jumpers on again, following a dramatic drop in temperature, we managed to dodge the worst of the rain.  Our walk was rewarded by the sight of several families of Mallard ducklings.  Most of these little charmers are now large enough to fend for themselves but they're still sticking close to Mum and Dad.
The local wildlife group has spent much time and money restoring the margins of 'Swan Lake' and have created artificial, gravel 'beaches' in those areas which had been subject to the most erosion.  It has to be said, the ducklings seem to be very pleased with the results.
Along with the Mallard ducklings, there was also a pair of young Coots.  These too seem to be of an age where they're less dependent on their parents.   Their adult plumage is beginning to show through too.
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