Thursday, 23 February 2012


Just a short walk today, skirting the lake of the Manor Floods before turning up through the golf course and heading to Aldi for a little shopping.
Before setting out however, my attention was caught by the exploits of Oscar, our neighbour's cat.  He was first seen scuttling up an Elder tree opposite our house with a Whippet in hot pursuit.  Having sat precariously atop the tree for a few minutes until the danger had passed, he made his way gingerly back to terra firma.  within a few minutes he was to be seen around the back garden weighing up the possibilities of taking on a Black-headed Gull.  Failing in this mission, he settled for sitting on top of his own shed.
Seconds later, he suddenly realised he had been spotted...
He then gave me a look which said "what are you looking at?  Point that camera somewhere else."
So that told me...!
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