Sunday, 5 February 2012

The White Stuff

Having snowed constantly, but not very heavily for about seven hours yesterday, we woke to another cold morning today.  The snow stopped last night at about 10pm and left us with a good 4" - 5" of the white stuff to trudge through on our short walk into town this morning.  We had planned to visit my mother in Norfolk today, but that was postponed due to the conditions and a good thing too.  The Hawthorn in front of our house was decorated, seemingly for Christmas again in it's white layers.
Our walk into town was a little tricky - one step forward and two back - but at least the town was quiet and there was a total lack of scum-bags to make my hackles rise.  An unusual occurrence these days!
It's all thawing at the moment, so I guess it won't last long - ho hum!
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