Sunday, 19 February 2012


What a glorious morning!  The bright, blue sky and brilliant sunshine this morning, made the biting cold rather more easy to bare.  We decided to take our walk round Shipley Lake, up to Osborne's Pond and on, up Shipley Hill before returning home.  The beautiful weather was being enjoyed by large numbers of people - there's always a drawback somewhere!  If it hadn't been for the woolly hats and thick coats being worn, you would have been excused for thinking it was a summer's scene.  Osborne's Pond looked beautiful in the sun.
The bare branches also give the game away, looking skeletal against the blueness of the sky.
Turning from the pond and heading up Shipley Hill, there were plenty of people heading for the Derby Tea Room and the gardens there were occupied by several dogs, all looking hopeful that there would be a biscuit or piece of cake for them too.  The woodland around here is almost filled with snowdrops and the daffodils are also thrusting up out of the leaf litter.  A promise of more colour to come.
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