Friday, 17 February 2012


No photos today because the batteries in my camera failed, just as I was focusing on a large, white goose.  But, not to worry, I thought I would add some of the birdsong we heard on our walk around Straw's Bridge this morning.
The trees were filled with the various twitters, chirps, squeeks and chirrups of hundreds of birds, all getting in the Spring mood.  Among the most numerous of these had to be the Blue Tits.  They were everywhere.  Darting about the branches, displaying, calling and getting excited by the warmer weather.
There were also a large number of Great Tits flitting about.  Their two-tone song is among the most familiar in our hedgerows.  Often interpreted as sounding like "teacher, teacher, teacher", there are many variations on the general theme.
By far the greatest songster we heard this morning however, had to be the Blackbird which was serenading us when I woke up.  There can be few more beautiful sounds in our British countryside than a male Blackbird in full voice.  What a dream of a song!

This video cannot be embedded here, so click this link for a real treat.

Perhaps Spring really is on it's way.
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