Tuesday, 2 August 2011


Close to home, there is a series of six settling pits which act as filters for water from (we think) surface run-off and slurry from near-by farms.  Water is always pouring into one end and the 'solids' are settled out as it flows from pit to pit along the series before flowing out the other end into the Nutbrook.  From Google Earth the pit look like this.
Around these pits runs a high bank covered in Orchids, Broom bushes, Apple trees, Birches, Hawthorns and thousands more plants.  The pits themselves are home to swans, coots, ducks, gulls, moorhens, etc.  Dragonflies flit around the area like miniature helicopters and a few butterflies make use of the clover flowers.  The view, looking east towards the village of Mapperley is pretty good too.
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