Thursday, 18 August 2011


The forecast for today was to be wet, at least in the afternoon, but as yet, there is no sign of any rain.  This has been the pattern this summer.  We have had rain forecast many times, only for none to arrive.  Even when it has rained, there has been so little of it, it has barely dampened the ground.  Normally, we would be complaining about too much rain, but things around these parts seem to be getting rather serious.  Nowhere is this more evident than at Straw's Bridge or 'Swan Lake' as it is known locally. Ordinarily this lake has water up to the edges, but right now, there is a good 8ft of 'beach' around the edges.
There are some very large Koi in the lake somewhere, but we have not seen them for some months now.  No doubt they have retreated to the deeper parts in the middle of the lake as their world shrinks around them.  The other consequence of so little water is the proliferation of algae around the margins.  Thick, green and slimy, the algae and the stagnant water have started to smell now too.  The surrounding wetland, so important for wildlife, has suffered too as it is no longer 'wet' land.  The paths have started to crack and even the tarmac surface on the trail footpaths is splitting as the ground dries and shrinks around it.  If things don't change soon, goodness knows what will happen.
Lets just hope for rain.  Maybe I'll send Malcolm out to do a rain dance in the back garden and see if that will help!
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