Thursday, 25 August 2011


A few days ago, I mentioned the lack of rain we have had and the parched ground and drying lakes and brooks.  Well, What a relief!  At last we have had some significant rainfall.  During the night it rained a good deal, in fact when I woke at about 4 o'clock, it was pouring down.  Later, looking out onto the garden, the plants seemed to be sighing with the relief of it all.  The grass was looking greener, the Fuchsia bush was drooping under the weight of rain drops and the outdoor Tomatoes were glinting in the early sunshine.
We are still a good way off the amount of rain we need.  The soil is barely damp on the surface and is still dry just couple of inches down, but it's a start and at least the tomatoes will be able to swell a bit more.  Maybe Malcolm has been doing his rain dance after all!
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