Tuesday, 10 May 2011


Back home again yesterday evening, from our trip to Madeira.  Neither Malcolm nor I had ever been to Madeira before and we were both impressed by our stay.  If there were to be any criticism, it would be the traffic in the main town and resort of Funchal.  It was so busy, but the views of the surrounding island, made up for that.  There will be many pictures from our holiday over the next few days, but for now, here are a couple to be going on with.  Firstly, the view from our 10th floor balcony, one of the best we've ever had on our holidays, with views over mountain and sea.
Our first walk into town on the afternoon we arrived, revealed streets lined with Jacaranda trees.  Here, seen around the area of the very posh Reid's Palace Hotel.
They seem to like their statues in Funchal and there is hardly a street corner which isn't adorned with some sort of monument.  Many seem to be of women with their 'bits and pieces' on display.  I hope they have a good, high-factor sun cream on as there are some parts where the last thing you want is a blister!
More to come...
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