Thursday, 28 April 2011


A cool breeze was blowing as we set out this morning, making us wish we had put on an extra layer.  We were soon out of the wind however and with the sun shining on us, it soon warmed up as we walked up Shipley Hill.  The bluebells are quite magnificent.
Carpets of them are covering almost every square inch of the woodland floor at the moment and the fine, dry weather has meant that they are not being spoiled by being rained on.
Other blossoms are adorning the trees too with crab apples in full bloom, casting their petals on the floor as the wind stirs them.  It's all very lovely, especially when the weather is still being so kind to us.  Having said that, we really do need some rain now as the ground is beginning to crack and plants are starting to wilt in the sun.
Still, lets just enjoy it while we can - no doubt we will soon get the rain we need and we will then be moaning that things are too wet!
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