Monday, 23 May 2011


It has become even more windy this morning, so it was only a short walk along the Nottingham Canal, being careful not to be blown into the water.  Despite the wind, the Coots were swimming around, closely followed by their squeaking chicks, demanding food.  The Moorhens were similarly preoccupied and a Mallard was also being motherly.  Along the canal, the Yellow Irises (Iris pseudacorus) are in full bloom.
These pictures were taken at Mapperley Reservoir a couple of days ago.  Yellow Irises are also known as Yellow Flags.  This name comes from a 'mix-up' with the scientific name 'pseudacorus', which means 'false Acorus', relating to a similar-looking waterside plant, the Sweet Flag (Acorus calamus), an unrelated species more akin to reeds.  But, whatever their name, the Yellow Flags are very bright and showy on a windy day and add a nice bit of colour to the waters edge.
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