Saturday, 9 April 2011

Still beautiful

Once again, the weather is being good to us.  This morning, we needed to go into town so abandoned our usual countryside ramble for the 'joys' of the Saturday high street.  What a delight...!
More pics from yesterday's walk to restore the balance of mind.  Starting with a sight which was rather less than tranquil.  From our back garden we were afforded a good view of a Buzzard being mobbed by Crows.
The poor Buzzard looked bored with it all rather than annoyed and continued to circle round doing his best to ignore the noisy neighbour Crows.
Walking around Shipley Park in the general direction of Mapperley, we had some good views of Shipley Hill. This was also the view which the Longhorn Cattle had from their field.  Not a bad outlook.
Getting up close to the woodland on the hill, the sun was shining through the trees sending pools of light onto the woodland floor.  The new, fresh foliage glowing a pale greenish yellow amid the branches of the still bare trees.  Very poetic!
Reaching the other side of the woods, we looked back toward home from beneath the large, old Beech Trees.  You always get a good view from here.
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