Thursday, 23 December 2010


Just a quick jaunt out and about this morning as we took our two mothers for a little retail therapy.  On the way home again, we were treated to the sight of a good 50 Waxwings feeding in the Hawthorn trees near home.  Once again, proving tricky to get a good picture of as they always seem to be in the wrong place (or is it ME in the wrong place) at the time.  For birds so well known for their toleration of humans, these are being very skittish.
Just as you point your camera, off they fly to another tree.  It's so frustrating.
This last picture shows how they get their name.  The bright red, wax-like 'droplets' on the wings show quite well if you click the picture and get a closer look.  Still beautiful and still twittering about, they are quite stunning.
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