Monday, 13 December 2010


A few more pictures today, of the wonderful Waxwings.  The full name of these birds is 'Bohemian Waxwing'.  This is not a reference to it's homelands, but to it's wandering, 'Gypsy' habits as it looks for food sources.
The English name 'Waxwing' refers to the small, waxy structures at the tips of the secondary flight feathers.  These are thought to look like sealing wax and add to the colourful display along with the yellow tip to the tail, yellow on the wings and general pinkish hue.
The shaggy crest on it's head - larger in the male - gives an exotic appearance and the black 'bandit' mask and chin seems to set it all off beautifully.
The bird in the above picture (bottom right) is displaying wonderful dexterity as it tosses a Hawthorn berry into the air before catching it again and swallowing it whole.
Last picture for now, showing the birds' acrobatic abilities and a good view of it's triangular (rather Starling-like) wings.  You could never get bored with these gorgeous, entertaining birds.
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