Friday, 17 December 2010


What a contrast from yesterday.   This morning was bright, sunny, freezing cold and just the thing for a long walk through a frosty and, after last night's flurries, a snowy countryside.  This was the scene along the old West Hallam Colliery site.  Icy, but beautiful.
As we passed the farm, a family group of Chickens was to be seen scratching around the field.  The Cockerel was a magnificent sight in his best plumage.
He was particularly proud as he was joined by his 'harem' of hens.
The swans on the lakes of Straw's Bridge were not too impressed by the ice covering the water.  They were even less impressed when they realised we hadn't got any bread for them.  This youngster was particularly photogenic.
Another Young swan was having a hard time walking across the Ice.  It looked a little disconcerted as a cracking noise accompanied each step it took.  Malcolm and I can remember this young swan 'when it was still an egg' at the beginning of summer,  seen HERE as it was swimming with it's parents and siblings soon after hatching.
The snow flurries yesterday have left a dusting like icing sugar over everything.  Maybe it's a preview of things to come. With more forecast, we may yet see a white Christmas.
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