Sunday, 5 December 2010


After Yesterday's giddy heights of about 3ºC, last night saw the temperature plummet well below freezing once again and the standing water which had begun to thaw was again turned to 'misanthropic ice' as Dickens called it. Of course, this meant a stunning - if a little hazardous - walk through Shipley Park this morning.
As if the snow and ice wasn't enough to bring joy to the heart, a lifting layer of fog also hung in the air giving everything a ghostly appearance.
As is the nature of fog, it never seems to hang around too long and it was thinning all the while we were out.  It had the added benefit of coating everything in a hoar-frost which glistened in the sun.
As the temperature struggled to get above freezing point, we turned for home and the prospects of a small tot of Brandy and a mince pie, helped to keep us warm while we trudged through the thick snow.
More pictures of this fantastic, almost Arctic scenery tomorrow.
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