Wednesday, 24 February 2010


This morning, following a phone call yesterday afternoon, we set out once more for Tesco in Toton, to collect my specs.
I didn't hold out too much hope for a successful outcome, so it was with a feeling of dread that I approached the optician section of Tesco. The young chap who brought my specs to me doesn't inspire much confidence either. Every time I have seen him, he seems to have another facial piercing and an even more surly expression.
But, guess what! The specs were OK and I could see clearly again. What a relief!

On our way home we were stunned to see a group of Council workers re-painting the road markings. Not such a surprising thing, you might think. But, these fools were actually painting the lines on top of all the loose stones and chippings which cover the roads at the moment - the result of the harsh winter weather. The road surface is so bad and so full of pot-holes that you can hardly refer to it as a road at all, more like a rough countryside track. And yet, there they were, painting lines! The word 'stupidity' doesn't come close to doing justice to such a mind-numbingly ridiculous and costly thing.

Once again, I feel the onset of Victor Meldrew as I turn my eyes skyward and utter those immortal words "I don't believe it."
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