Thursday, 11 February 2010


Soon after posting yesterday's blog entry, it started to snow. Then it snowed a bit more. Then it 'chucked-it-down' for a few minutes. Most of the snow didn't settle, but, this morning we woke to a dusting all over and a frozen ground surface. Perfect for walking where it has been too wet to tread for the last few days.
This being the case, Malcolm and I set off for a walk up Shipley Hill to see if the drifts of snowdrops were yet in evidence. The sun was doing it's best to thaw the ground and it was starting to get a little wet under foot once more.
The Snowdrops (Galanthus nivalis) are not yet in full bloom - maybe the cold snap of the last few days has set things back a bit - but the green shoots are pushing up in great abundance.
In a few places, chiefly where the sunlight manages to creep through the tree cover, there are a small number of flowers beginning to open.
It was a bit tricky trying to spot the flowers amongst the dead leaves, dusting of snow and the dappled light, but there they were, few in number, small in stature, but big in their intent to herald the Spring.
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