Saturday, 13 February 2010


The birds were singing once more this morning as we set out for our morning 'constitutional'. Weekends are not normally our favourite time for a walk as you are constantly harried by joggers and cyclists, but this morning was not too bad. We had to get out of the way of four cyclists and three joggers, a couple of which mumbled "cheers mate" as we stepped aside. What ever happened to "thank you"? Why does everyone have to say "cheers mate" these days? As Malcolm and I always say, "I am NOT your mate, never have been and never will be".
As we trotted around the 'Bogwash', there were several fishermen talking together and sipping tea from insulated mugs. They talked in very loud tones about the length of those that got away, each one determined to trump the others with a bigger and better one. The sub-text of these posturing, macho conversations would have give Freud enough material for several theses.

Enough of this. Here is another video of bird song. We were treated to the delightful sound of a Song Thrush (Turdus philomelos)in full flow as we returned home. One of the most beautiful sounds in the world. Enjoy!
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