Tuesday, 23 February 2010


This morning saw us trotting around the water-logged paths of Straw's Bridge and getting 'looks' from the Canada Geese (Branta candensis) who were disgusted that we hadn't brought them a bag full of bread.
Native to the arctic regions of Canada, these large, well-known birds were introduced to Britain as ornamental waterfowl on the lakes and ponds of the well-to-do.
In their native lands Canada Geese are common on the dammed lakes made by beavers and they are rather smaller than their European cousins. Our Canada Geese are generally sedentary birds (although some may move to favoured, secluded waters in order to moult in safety). In their native country however, they are far more migratory, flying to the more temperate southern parts of their range in order to avoid the worst of the Arctic winter.
Noisy and gregarious, these magnificent birds remain a favourite of town and country - even if they get a bit grumpy if you fail to come up to scratch with the bread bag!
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