Friday, 19 February 2010


It's that time of year again! We took the car to Sam Bailey's Garage this morning for it's annual MOT and service. Expecting a large bill later today when the full horror of keeping driving is revealed. We'll see what transpires.
After taking the car in, it gave us a great opportunity to have a nice walk home along the Nutbrook Trail. Having had a good covering of snow again yesterday and through the night, it made for a cold, but bright walk.
The trail uses the old railway lines which were used in times gone by, by the various mineral and mining companies, as well as the enormous iron works which dominated the area.
The old bridges and waterways are still to be seen along the way. It seems a world away from the old industrial past as you walk along, until you get to the modern industrial units alongside the ancient infrastructure. Dilapidated canals, feeder channels, rails, bridges and cuttings are all around and all filthy in the mud and slush.
Further along our walk this morning - in all about 4.25 miles - we came to a more open aspect as industry gave way to farmland. There, in the snow, stood a sorry-looking horse, covered with it's blanket. There are parallel undulations in the fields around this area, which show up well in the snow and I wonder if they are evidence of even more ancient 'ridge-and-furrow' farming.
All to be done now, is to await the call from the garage and to learn the size of the bill, then it will be a walk back along the trail to collect the car.
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