Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Colourful Exotica

Continuing our wander around the glasshouses of Edinburgh's Royal Botanical Gardens, I thought we'd look at some of the more exotic flowers on display. Starting with this species of Aristolochia or Dutchman's Pipe.
Further on, we found another member of this family of strange climbers, looking even more exotic than the last.
Many of the flowers were a little more colourful.
Some were heavily scented, like this Hoya.
Others were just so brightly coloured, that they appeared to glow in the gloom under the canopy.
Some were Blue...
some were pink...
or yellow...
or peach-coloured like this Hibiscus.
Among the most strange were the insectivorous Pitcher Plants with lots of hanging pitchers ready to spell doom to any insects which fell in.
Passion Flowers hung above our heads...
and all around, the greenery was every bit as interesting than the flowers. Passing this weeping conifer, we headed out of the glasshouses.
Tomorrow, we will see something of the Waters of Leith.
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