Sunday, 16 July 2017

Round The Lakes

With the breeding season all but over, it was nice to see a few youngsters about as we walked around the lakes of Straw's Bridge the other day. As usual, the Coots were getting bad tempered with their offspring but there were also some delightful little ducklings picking through the scraps left on the ground for them.
Most of this year's ducklings have nearly reached maturity by now, but these still had a little way to go.
The edges of the lakes are showing lots of colour still, one the most resplendent plants being - as always - the Purple Loosestrife.
These spikes of purple flowers are always popular with bees.
Splashes of yellow are provided by Ragwort plants - also very popular with pollinating insects of all kinds.
More scarce, but no less cheerful is the Marsh Woundwort which grows in small numbers near another of the lakes of Straw's Bridge.
This particular plant was accompanied by the similarly coloured Creeping Thistle and the creamy-white trumpets of Hedge Bindweed as well as the ubiquitous Stinging Nettles.
A stroll around the lakes of Straw's Bridge, may not be the longest of our usual walks, but it certainly rewards the small effort.
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