Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Colours of Summer

The Summer countryside is of course, full of colour. Around Straw's Bridge a few days ago, we were pleased to see a young Grey Wagtail by the side of the lake. Lacking the brighter colours of the adult, it was nonetheless lovely to see and was beginning to show signs of the characteristic yellow underside, which will make it stand out in adulthood.
While at Straw's Bridge, we also  encountered the bright colours of the Purple Loosestrife.
And the similarly coloured Knapweeds were opening their flowers for pollinating insects to feed on.
On almost every Ragwort plant, the unmistakable form of Cinnabar Moth Caterpillars were to be seen, their bright, stripy colours advertising their unpalatable nature to anything which might think of eating them.
Vast swathes of colour adorn the banks of Straw's Bridge.
At Osborne's Pond this morning, the summer colours were also in evidence. Again, Purple Loosestrife was lining the edges of the water...
but here, they were accompanied by the pale pink of Hemp Agrimony and the creamy-white of Angelica.
The Angelica was proving very popular with Bumblebees. All very colourful!
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