Friday, 12 August 2016

Farmland Views

Walking around Shipley Park at this time of year, you are accompanied by the sweet smell not only of the hedgerow flowers, but also the newly mown hay. On the wildlife trust's fields, the cropped grasses are being cropped ever closer by the sheep which are taking advantage of the fresh shoots.
This mixed flock were all spread out across the fields the other day instead of flocking tightly together as they usually do.
Some had given up on the short grass and were taking advantage of the un-cropped grasses at the filed margins. Here, the grass was tall enough to almost hide the sheep.
The views across Shipley Park are quite glorious in the sunshine. From beneath the trees on Shipley Hill, we looked out across the lake in the direction of Nottingham.
It is difficult to imagine as you stand in this spot, that we are sandwiched between two cities with a combined population of over half a million!
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