Monday, 22 August 2016


It's my 49th birthday today so Malcolm's mum took us out for lunch - very nice it was too! We did manage a quick walk this morning before we went out but it was threatening to rain, so we didn't hang about. So here are a few pictures from recent days, walking around Shipley Park.
As always at this time of year, the edges of the pathways are dominated by the tall and statuesque forms of Teasels...
Their small, but numerous flowers, are loved by a great many insects, especially bees and hoverflies.
A good indication that summer is coming to an end is the emergence of Angelica flowers. Also tall and stately, they are too are a great favourite with bees. Their umbels of creamy white flowers are always covered with insects eagre to feed up on the nectar within.
Around the lakes of Straw's Bridge, another favourite of the bees is also in full bloom right now. Water Mint is very common growing around the margins of the lakes and is always frequented by bees, hoverflies and it seems, any number of other flying creatures. The flowers are quite beautiful too, especially when seen close up!
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