Tuesday, 5 July 2016


As Malcolm and I walked past Osborne's Pond this morning, our attention was drawn to a family of Canada Geese - two adults and two youngsters. Looking rather distressed and honking loudly, it soon became clear what was causing them all this anguish. Two more of their young goslings were trapped behind a chain-link fencing across the other side of the road and unable to find a way through to get back to the water and their parents. So, we set about herding them along the line of the fence to the end, where there was a gap big enough to allow them to escape. Thankfully, they cooperated with us and they were soon scampering across the road and down the bank to be greeted by their obviously delighted parents. A happy ending and our good deed done for the day.
More youngsters have been seen lately at 'Swan Lake'. Firstly, the Coot chicks which have survived their parents' infanticide tendencies and are now almost full grown.
Even now, the parents are very rough with their youngsters, but now, they are large enough to withstand these attacks.
Far more careful with their parenting duties, the Mallards have also managed to raise several youngsters almost to adulthood. One mother in particular has successfully brought up six babies.
We saw this happy family a few weeks ago when the youngsters were much smaller, but they are now looking hale and hearty and their mother is still looking proud of herself - as indeed she should be.
One more picture of these wonderful little birds...
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