Saturday, 16 July 2016

Old Portsmouth

Leaving behind the spectacular views from the Spinnaker Tower, we headed for Old Portsmouth passing first the Vulcan Building and the central section of the Grand Storehouse.
Close by, we passed a house which will be well known to Mary and Brian. Coopers Cottage was their home for many years before they moved to Hilsea. Still painted a pale mint-green, it stands on St. Thomas' Street, near to the Anglican Cathedral.
Then on to the said cathedral. Sometimes called the Cathedral of the Sea, there has been a church on this site since 1180. The central tower was designed as a lookout post and lighthouse.
Having eaten our lunch on the Saluting Platform, close to the Square Tower - a 15th century fortification, we overlooked another church. This one is the old Royal Garrison Church, a 800 year old Hospital, medieval ammunition store and church, it was fire-bombed in World War 2 leaving the shell we see today.
Onward again, we passed the fun-fair and Hover-port of Southsea and along Clarence Esplanade to the Portsmouth Naval Memorial.
The memorial commemorates around 10,000 sailors of the First World War...
And around 15,000 from the Second World War. Their names guarded by some impressive, if a little nonchalant stone lions.
Eventually, we reached Southsea Castle. Built in 1544 by Henry VIII as part of his fortification of the English coastline. The lighthouse was added in the 1820's.
By now, our feet were beginning to ache, so we headed back through the city, to where we had left the car. It had been a good day!
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