Saturday, 31 August 2013


On Thursday, before being taken out for lunch by Malcolm's mum, we went for a walk along the nearby Nottingham Canal.  Surrounded by the farmland which sits between the town of Ilkeston to the West and the area known as Trowell Moor to the East, the canal cuts through the countryside, originally for nearly 15 miles.  Now disused, it has stretches of local nature reserve along it's length.
Crossed by a number of small footbridges and bordered by vast stands of Great Reedmace (Typha latifolia), in parts, the water is almost choked by weed.
Connecting the village of Cossall, to the Larklands area of Ilkeston, Mill Lane crosses both the Nottingham and Erewash Canals and looked like a living tunnel in the warm sunlight.
Enough of that, time for lunch!
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